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Yo! I'm Alexi and I am such a SP fan I seen them 3 times and met the guys there awesome and its cool to met other fanz just a loyal and as decaited as I am.. I am hoping someone out there can help me out, and I totally hope I dont Pee off anyone but I am slowly putting a web site together on MSN, and looking for some information on the guys little by little. I figure that maybe someone can give me some hints. I am looking for information on the new cd, a bite more of a bio than what WWW.SIMPLEPLAN.COM has, and if they have girlfriends I figure I get that out of the way (Sorry if I upsetted someone with the last request) I just want to make a really damn good site, and with the help of some ppl out there that a simple plan addic's as myself it can be. I thank you for your time and patients and an early thank you to all that can help me out.. It's been nice meeting everyone.

Girls can Rock like Boyz!

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